Chinese Institute of Engineers – USA (CIE-USA), founded in 1917, is a non-profit professional organization of engineers, scientists and other professionals with Chinese heritage from all over the world. CIE-USA strides to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Its seven regional chapters consistently host conferences, seminars, workshops and training classes in all communities across United States. CIE-USA is a member of the DiscoverE Advisory and Diversity Council, and also sponsors DiscoverE Future City Competition.

CIE-USA hosts the renowned annual Asian American Engineer of the Year Award (AAEOY), a prestigious platform for recognizing the outstanding accomplishments of Asian American professionals in the areas of STEM and leaderships, nominated from major corporations, academics, government and national renowned institutions. Many awardees have achieved monumental breakthroughs in their respective fields and their impacts are global and everlasting.

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